Friday, February 8, 2008

What to Look For in an Online Appraiser Directory

As I was doing research on marketing this web site, I came across an article in the Real Estate Valuation Online Magazine. It had an interesting article on Appraiser Directories.

They had several very important tips and facts on choosing directories and I thought I would quote right from this well resepected publication on this issue.

First Point: Internet search for appraisal services. "Since 1999 when appraiser directories first appeared, the internet has taken off. Appraisal orders are commonly sent to the appraiser via email and those who hire appraisers, such as lenders, attorneys, consumers, more and more often search the internet to find an appraiser."

Second Point: Options with directories: " The online directories range from free to fee-based....when it comes to free vs. fee the answer is probably that you cannot afford to parktake of this particular FREE LUNCH. You do in fact get what you pay for...."The number of appraisers allowed per county is still a key issue. The rule of thumb is that any listings beyond 30 for a given area have minimal value"

You already know how Lakefront Appraiser feels about getting what you pay for.....and we feel 30 appraisers listed in a given area, or in our case, under a given lake is way too many...we want you to have a very good chance of getting more business and exclusivity is the only way to make that happen!

Third Point: Marketing: "It takes alot of time and money to adequately market and promote an appraiser directory. A free service will typically take in some side advertising revenue, which is not nearly enough to adequately market a national directory service". "A fee based service on the other hand is able to generate sufficient revenue to make it feasible for the developers to spend on marketing"... could not agree more! The more listings we have, the more we can work diligently to spotlight your service and increase your business. So this really is a partnership, you list with us and our responsibility is that we get you noticed and get you clients! That is how it should be in any business and that is our promise to YOU.

Fourth Point: Paying more: "If you pay nothing odds are you will get nothing..."The mechanism for finding an appraiser should be easy to use"..."Without marketing support it wouldn't matter if an appraiser was number 1 on the list for their coverage area or number 100..because it is unlikely anyone will come to the website to find them"... is already coming up on the top in google and yahoo searches for lakefront appraiser directory searches, state searches for lakefront appraisers, etc. It is also an extremely easy to use site and navigates smoothly, so anyone can find the appraiser they need in a matter of seconds!

Last but MOST important Point: Slow Down Strategy: "The appraisal industry has slowed and there are fewer appraisal orders to be had....during the busy times appraisers don't need to market too much if they are getting plenty of work. During the slower times however, it is necessary to market more, which is typical of any industry in a down cycle. Internet appraiser directories are a cost effective way to reach potential clients throughout the country for all types of appraisals including lending puposes, estate, divorce partnership split, pre listings, etc."

Look as what we say in our FAQ section of our site.... under who is your end user....we are in total agreement here. However, we also believe that advertising your business should be an integral part of your business model and whether it is slow or booming, marketing your business is key to keeping it successful and running smoothly at all times.

"The new saying is "when the going gets tough, the tough start marketing"..."Now is the time to expand your marketing efforts to maximize your position in an increaseingly difficult marketplace".

AMEN to that and we further feel that marketing a particular Lake property is the way you can really increase your business!

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