Monday, March 24, 2008

Lake Fenton Appraiser

We welcome Eric Dean Morse to our website, he is an appraiser that specializes in Lake Fenton property in Michigan. Here is a link to his full page ad. Fenton Appraiser

Eric Dean Morse, RAA has been working with Allied for over 21 years. As Vice President of Allied he is in charge of Technology, Public relations, Advertising and Web site development and maintenance. He is a Residential Appraiser and specializes in Government FHA, ERC Relocation, REO distressed properties and Lake Front homes. He resides on Lake Fenton.

If you are thinking of buying or selling Lake Fenton real estate you need an experienced lake appraiser to provide the true value of the property, so contact Eric today at:

Again, we are happy to add Eric Dean Morse to our TEAM of Lakefront Specialists!

If you are a Realtor, Lender, Builder, Investor or Lake Related Retailer who serves the Lake Fenton area, please check out our site and consider becoming an Affiliate Member under Lake Fenton, Michigan.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Appraisal Buzz Interview

Our site was officially introduced to thousands of appraisers across the nation and the reception to our site was fantastic!

Please check out the actual interview copy below!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Declining Market - Market Your Niche"

With an uncertain future on where your business will be coming from, now is the perfect time to capitalize on a niche where you control the course of your business and from where it will come. We are here today with Mary Thompson, A fellow Certified Appraiser and Developer of an Appraiser Directory with a twist that we find interesting and refreshing.

BUZZ: Mary, with so many directories out there, what makes this one worth checking out?

MARY: Well Joan, First let me say, I promise this is going to be an interesting READ!

Exclusivity, Exposure & Networking. Our site spotlights only experienced Lake and Waterfront Appraisers nationwide. There is no other site like this on the web. We are already coming up number 1 for Lakefront and Waterfront Appraiser searches on Google & Yahoo. Only 5 Appraisers per Lake are allowed to list. Appraisers can even “Corner the Market” and be the only one listed under their chosen Lake.

BUZZ: You really are different! Do you feel there is enough Lake business and why should appraisers market this niche?

Lakefront Appraiser: Lakefront is BIG business and getting bigger. This targeted exposure serves to ADD to your existing business, by marketing your niche as a Lakefront Appraiser. Our Lake business represents 25% of our income and a big part of this comes from marketing ourselves as Lake Lanier Specialists. If you set yourself apart as a Lake specialist, there is no question more people will find you and more work will result.

There are thousands of lakes and tens of thousands of lake homes for sale across the nation, they fare better in declining markets and no AVM, ZAIO or Drive-by Appraisal can replace a 1004 report for these properties.

BUZZ: What kind of exposure do you expect from this site?

LakeFrontAppraiser: Significant, due to its appealing, exclusive nature. The best thing about this niche market is that this work is more personal and referral based. Our Lake Lanier business is over 50% referral and personal based! The best of the best in this business! Lake clients are also long term. Once they find you, they stick with you and refer you, because lakefront appraisers are hard to find on the internet.

I do have fantastic news on the lender front… I have contacted the President of a large lender who has recently decided to offer Lake home mortgages nationwide. How perfect is this?

They agreed to use appraisers listed on our site. Why? Because they need your expertise (underwriters are starting to reject appraisals performed by those who do not have the proper experience for the assignment) and they will be dealing with independent, unbiased appraisers who have no financial or ownership interest in their Company. This independence between lender and appraiser is fast becoming law and they adhere to this policy.

P.S. We discussed fees and they have no problems with higher fees for Lakefront appraisals. You decide your own fees based upon the assignment.

I admit to you, there is one catch: You must be listed on the site in order for Wes & Dan to use YOUR services. Simply put, if you are not listed, they will not find you and you will not get these orders.

BUZZ: Why are Lake Appraisals more personal and referral based, rather than lender based?

LakeFrontAppraiser: Because buyers, sellers and realtors are taking control of the appraisal process upfront due to the size of the investment. They are requesting appraisals prior to listing, purchasing and selling Lake and Waterfront homes. Also, many people pay cash for lake homes and no lenders are involved, yet they still want an appraisal to make sure their investment is solid.

BUZZ: How do you plan to market this site?

MARY: Heavily! Aside from marketing this site, we will immediately start to market YOUR Lake as soon as you come on board. Sample Lake Page. We will also spotlight every single member in our BLOG, with a direct link back to their full page ad. Sample Ad. In a short time you will come on top for searches under your Lake. We did it for our Lake; we can do it for yours. We employ several SEO techniques to make this happen.

Exciting News..LakeFrontAppraiser is going to be hosting a Radio Talk show based out of Atlanta, which broadcasts live on the web and is saved as a pod-cast for all to hear 24/7.
Our shows will center around Lakefront Living across the USA, a hugely popular topic. Out of this venture, huge exposure will result for this site and for YOU.

Special Offer: When you list on our site you will have an opportunity to be a call in guest on our show. You will have several minutes to spotlight your business, why you are the expert on your Lake and provide some interesting facts about your Lake. Great exposure and you essentially become the expert on your Lake. You also get a copy of the pod-cast to place on your own personal website. Do not miss the chance to be a featured guest on our exclusive and targeted radio show. Your company can also become a sponsor of our show/s.

BUZZ: What are some of the other features of your site?

LakeFrontAppraiser: Well Joan, there are 4 essential features.

Guaranteed Results: If you do not receive an order in the first year, your membership will be extended for 6 months, no questions asked. We however are confident that you WILL receive orders. For a limited time, the first quarter is free with your annual membership. *The cost to be marketed will be MORE than covered by only one Lakefront appraisal assignment and of course you WILL write this expense off on your taxes. We are NOT the lowest cost site, if we were; we would not have the resources to market you. We will market you and that is what you are paying for, not just to be listed, but to be marketed; huge difference between the two.

Networking: This site goes way beyond a directory format; it is the only site that brings together other related Lake and Waterfront Professionals Nationwide. Realtors, Lenders, Lake Related Retailers & Builders, will be spotlighted. They will see you and networking will result, this is a huge advantage over the other sites.*Important Point: When anyone advertises on our site, we will automatically cross-market you to those listed in and around your lake/s. Very powerful marketing tool, not found on any other appraiser website.

Call to Action: When someone is looking for an appraiser, it is likely that an impending purchase, sale or refi of Lake Property exists. Timing is everything where buying and selling decisions are involved. Advertisers will “want in” on this site because they know people are ready to act. More advertisers equal more exposure for YOU.

You know who you are dealing with: With the exception of one appraiser directory, I found no others that actually tell you WHO they are on their site. When you review their About Us page, they only talk about the site and its purpose not the individuals involved. I want to know who I am paying my hard earned money to….don’t you?

BUZZ: What do you want Appraisers to do at this point?

LakeFrontAppraiser: We want them to come on board and get more quality and personal business. But at the very least, please check our site out.

Do searches for lakefront, lake and waterfront appraisers and lakefront directories, check out our BLOG, FAQ, Appraiser and Affiliate Pages and let us know what you think of the site. We value your opinions!

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Mary at or via the website.

We wish you the best in 2008 and we look forward to spotlighting YOU very soon on our site! Thank you for your time, I hope it was a good READ!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome Lakefront and Waterfront Appraisers

Hello! welcomes experienced Lake and Waterfront Appraisers to our site. If you just read our Appraisal Buzz interview, we thank you for taking the time to review our site.

March 20th, 2008 (First Day of Spring) is our official launch of this site to thousands of appraisers across the nation. We are doing many exciting things to get this site and our members into the spotlight across the internet and beyond. We are confident that those who come on board with us, will reap the rewards of more business soon.

Check out our previous BLOG post, we are starting our own Lakefront Radio talk show in April. This site will be getting huge exposure in the next few months and if you join now, you will be along for a great ride, this we promise you!

In addition to your membership, we will be providing you with marketing ideas, tips, news, etc. Anything that will help you to achieve your goals of getting more lake and waterfront appraisal business.So please check out the rest of our site, sign up and let us get to work marketing YOU and your Appraisal Company.

**Realtors across the nation market their lakefront expertise with great success...Now it is time for Appraisers to do the same thing!

Thanks again for stopping by and if you have any questions, just contact us via our contact pages.

May your appraisal business prosper in 2008!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lakefront Appraiser Hosts Its Own Radio Show

Lakefront is very excited to announce that we have contracted with a radio studio in Atlanta, to host our own Lakefront Radio show. We are developing a sister website that will host all of our pod-cast shows. The site, of course. Site is under construction as we speak.

Our shows will revolve around Lakefront Living across the USA. We will have Lakefront business professionals as guests on our show to discuss the latest news involving their lake business as well as current Lakefront Real Estate News.

Our first show will air April 4th, 2008 and will spotlight Lake Lanier in Georgia. We are very excited to have Lake Lanier Islands, an 1,100 acre premier Lakefront resort, JOA Marine, a top boat dealer in Georgia and Lake Lanier Realtors, Ty & Sue Ginac on our first show. We will place that show on our website noted above for all to hear 24/7. ...where all lakefront experts converge and network.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lake Lanier is Back, Big Jump in Pending Sales in February

Lake Lanier is back in swing...We are now at 16.64 feet below full pool, 3 feet up in the last few months, marinas are starting to get boats back in the water, Georgia is working on building more reservoirs, we may be able to tap into the Tennessee River and .........

Lake pending and closed sales up significantly in February to 15 opposed to a low of only 4 in December to the 2nd highest of 11 in January. The most popular price range for these pending sales fell into the upper $500,000's with the next popular range, over 1 million. There were a handful of $700,000 sales and several in the $300,000 and $400,000 range, although many of these involved swim docks or low to no water at the docks.

Spring is just around the corner, the lake is rising and people are thinking Lake Lanier investments again. 5 words of advise: BUY LAKE LANIER PROPERTY NOW!

I am convinced, as are many others, that lake values will rebound and when they do, they will rebound quickly. Once the permits are gone, the lake continues to rise and the market settles down, this lake will see increases like it did in the past of 15-20% annually and it could be more!

Jumbo loan limits have increased for 2008, so more people may qualify to purchase lake homes that could not in the past. Consult your local jumbo loan expert.

So get out there as the weather gets nicer and take a 2nd look at Lake Lanier property before you are priced out of the market for good!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mortgage Underwriters Want Experienced Appraisers

Lakefront Appraiser could not be happier about one of the outcomes from the entire mortgage lending crack down. Mortgage Underwriters are taking seriously one portion of USPAP (uniform standards of professional appraisal practice) which requires that appraisers must be competent in their FIELD or Location, in order to complete the appraisal assignment (or they must obtain the assistance of someone who is competent). Hallelujah! I want to congratulate that underwriter publically! More of this kind of underwriting WILL occur it is a certainty.

I just received a call today from an Appraiser in South Georgia who referred me to a lender who's underwriter rejected an appraisal because the appraiser did not have the experience in that area. The Appraisal Company's owner, unfortunately just signed off on it after the fact and said, okay now you have the experience you need! Well that Appraisal Company has now been YANKED from that lenders approved appraiser list. Live and Learn!

Proper experience is the backbone or foundation of this site. We wanted to put together a site where lenders, buyers, sellers and Realtors can readily find appraisers that have lake and waterfront experience! This is a huge investment for all concerned, so it is crucial that you utilize the services of a Lake Appraiser.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Cracking down on Appraisal Process

Several States are cracking down on lender and client pressures on the real estate appraiser to "Hit" a number in their appraisal reports to make the deal work.

New York's Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has been investigating mortgage fraud.

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have agreed that they will no longer buy loans that are originated by lenders who do not follow a strict code of ethics and procedures when it comes to ordering appraisals.

It starts at misdemeanor level and rises to a Felony conviction if Lenders, Mortgage Brokers, Realtors and other clients, meaning buyers and sellers try to pressure appraisers to make the numbers work by appraising their properties over their true market value.

Appraisers have been under lender pressure since day one and unfortunately in order to keep their jobs, many appraisers had to buckle to the pressure. Unfortunate, but reality. Many others stuck to their guns and went out of business. A real tragedy.

Appraisers are hired by lenders and other clients to give them their professional opinion of value, however this process was turned on its head and the lenders and others were telling the appraisers what the value should be!

We are there to protect the lenders from bad loans by providing them with the real value on the properties that they use as collateral for the loans they make, however the lenders took control of the process and were not concerned about protecting themselves, they were concerned about making the deal work. Thus the foreclosure mess we are in today.

That being said Appraisers have a tough line to tow. Do they chance losing good lender business, the bread and butter of many appraisal companies or do they look the other way and push values as far as they can without getting into real trouble?

I have to say that many appraisers at one time or another have buckled to lender and client pressure, especially when business was slow. But we are looking forward to the day when we gain control back and we will be able to really do the jobs we were trained and hired provide a true opinion of value for the property in question. Only time will tell how all of this will shake out.

So stay tuned as this issue will be a HOT button for a long time to come.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Appraisal Buzz Interview-Don't Miss it. 3/20/08

We are being interviewed by Appraisal Buzz, which reaches over 45,000 Appraisers, on March 20th, 2008.

Please check your email that day for this special interview. If you have not signed up to get these newsletters in your email in box, do so before March 20, 2008 so you do not miss out on a fantastic opportunity!

We will show you how we are different than any other website out there and how we plan to market this site, to get real results for all of our advertisers.

So watch your inbox all appraisers for the March 20th, 2008 edition of Appraisal Buzz! See you there.

Coming soon....LakefrontAppraiser's announcement about a National Internet radio show, that will mean fantastic exposure for all who become members of this lakefront web site, where all Lakefront Professionals Converge!

Very exciting opportunity which will involve selected call in lakefront professionals across the nation!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Buyers and Sellers Taking Control of Appraisal Process!

When it comes to Lake and Waterfront property, buyers and sellers are taking control of the appraisal process! This is a wise move in our opinion. Since buyers and sellers are making huge investments in luxury properties like lake and waterfront real estate, they do not want to make a financial miscalculation!

Buyers and sellers no longer have to let the lender control the appraisal process, they can and are hiring these professionals to give them the information they need...the TRUE value of the property in question. This information goes a long way to help buy or sell the home and negotiate a sale in process. They realize the appraisal is worth its weight in gold, because the cost of the report is a fraction of what their loses could be without one!

Over 50% of the Lake Lanier appraisals we completed in 2007 and more than 60% in 2008, were requested by individuals who were contemplating listing their Lake Lanier home or buying one. While anyone can enlist the services of a real estate agent to determine the proper asking price or advise if a lake home is a good buy, they also want the opinion of an objective professional. Realtors are worth their salt when it comes to helping you thru the buying and selling maize, however they do have a vested interest in the property.....IE: a commission.

Real estate appraisers on the other hand have no vested interest in the property they appraise and therefore they are totally objective in their assessment. As a matter of fact, if they do have an interest in the property, they are obligated by what we call USPAP (uniform standards of professional appraisal practice) to decline the assignment or disclose their interest in the property. If they do not they could lose their license!

Since lenders are really cracking down on the lending process and the appraisers they will use, you do not want to be at the mercy of their selection. Chances are good that they do not have an experienced lakefront or waterfront appraiser on hand. This is the primary goal of our website to have a place where only experienced lake and waterfront appraisers are listed so that lenders, buyers, sellers and Realtors will find them easily and use their services.

If you are buying or selling a lake home and have not had an appraisal on your home, make sure you advise your realtor or lender that you insist on an experienced lake appraiser for the job and they can find them on our website. If you hire just any appraiser, it could significantly impact the appraised value of your home, most of the time, it is under valued when an inexperienced lake or waterfront appraiser is involved.

So we are glad buyers and sellers are taking control of the appraisal process and protecting their investments!