Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lakefront Appraiser Hosts Its Own Radio Show

Lakefront is very excited to announce that we have contracted with a radio studio in Atlanta, to host our own Lakefront Radio show. We are developing a sister website that will host all of our pod-cast shows. The site, of course. Site is under construction as we speak.

Our shows will revolve around Lakefront Living across the USA. We will have Lakefront business professionals as guests on our show to discuss the latest news involving their lake business as well as current Lakefront Real Estate News.

Our first show will air April 4th, 2008 and will spotlight Lake Lanier in Georgia. We are very excited to have Lake Lanier Islands, an 1,100 acre premier Lakefront resort, JOA Marine, a top boat dealer in Georgia and Lake Lanier Realtors, Ty & Sue Ginac on our first show. We will place that show on our website noted above for all to hear 24/7. ...where all lakefront experts converge and network.

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