Saturday, April 26, 2008

Interview with Army Corps of Engineers Michael Lapina-Chief Park Ranger

We had a fantastic interview on our lakefront radio show with Michael Lapina, Chief Ranger here on Lake Lanier with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Click this link below and listen in, the show was packed full of informative and interesting information. If you live, work, play or do business on a Corps of Engineers Lake, much of this information will apply to your Lake.

Interview with Michael Lapina-Corps of Engineers Head Park Ranger

We thank the Corps for their service and commitment to protecting our lakes across the country. They work tirelessly to protect these resources so that all who live, work and play on these lakes can enjoy them and prosper for many, many generations to come.

If you know of someone who is a Lakefront Professional, please let us know so we can spotlight them on a future show.

If you ARE a lakefront pro, you may want to be a call in guest once we get to your lake. In the meantime, check out our National Directory.... as you may want to spotlight your business on this exclusive site...where lakefront professionals converge.

Have a great weekend and remember......Be Safe on YOUR lake.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

We NEED You!

Sounds like the old Uncle Sam Slogan-we need you for the Army! Not to worry, it is just my way of asking for your business-plain and simple.

A wonderful mentor of Real Estate Broker when I was selling real estate told me: "You do not G E T unless you A S K....the words I have lived by for many years.

So here is the deal....We are getting loads of visitors to our site looking for PROS like you and loads of great comments about the looks, usefulness and ease of use of this site....but if you are not listed, they move onto to other sites to find their lakefront appraisers, Realtors, businesses, etc. When they do that....they may never find YOU!

We know people are very aware of our site, due to its high ranking on the search engines, but unless you are listed here, it does not serve them or you well.

Our advertising fees are a fraction of what the other targeted lake sites want for this kind of exposure, but we WANT your business, because a site like this provides clients with a "one stop shop" for Lakefront Professionals, which does NOT exist on the web.

Once this site gets loaded with lakefront PROS, this will be the place they will go to FIRST....WHY? Because it is quick and easy, just what people want when searching the internet.

So if you think this site is worthwhile....then contact us and we will work out ANY reasonable fee for you to be listed on this site and once you are, we go to work marketing YOUR business and LAKE.

So check it out, see what we are doing via this BLOG and our site to promote you and your business and get in touch with us.

We would love to hear your comments on the site.

Remember.....Be Safe on the Lake!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Army Corps of Engineers to be Interviewed by LakeFront Radio 4/25/08

We are pleased to inform our listeners that we are having a special guest on our radio show this Friday at Noon - 4/25/08. We will be interviewing Michael Lapina-Spokesperson for the Army Corps of Engineers.

We will be learning about the History of the Corps of Engineers, what their purpose is on Lake Lanier and other Lakes across the country. We will talk about the History of the Corps' involvement on Lake Lanier.

We will also discuss lake levels, what they mean and how the Corps defines these levels.
Other topics will include boat dock permits, rip rap shorelines, when the corps becomes involved if someone is interested in purchasing a lake home on Lake Lanier or conducting business on the shores of Lake Lanier.

So tune in Friday at Noon on the 25th. It will be a very informative show.

You can also download the show after we broadcast it on Friday. Add our site to your favorites and check back to listen to the show at your leisure along with our other shows. All about lakefront living.

Lake Front Radio-Where we "Bring together Lakefront Professionals from across the Nation".

If you want to sponsor this show, which will be hugely popular and downloaded by many....please contact us at:

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lakefront Pros will be spotlighted in REVMAG spring issue.

Lakefront Pros will be spotlighted in the upcoming Real Estate Valuation Magazine Online in April. We can also be seen on Ask Henry Harrison's informative question and answer website in the next few weeks.

We are committed to getting the exposure for this site that our advertisers deserve. Soon the web surfing world will know that a national lake front directory is out there for them to easily find YOU. This is the one and only "one stop shop" that brings lakefront professionals together on one site.

Check out our lakefront radio show, which also promotes this national directory. It is a show all about lakefront living, business, recreation and real estate across the nation. We will be interviewing high profile lake professionals on our show and provide the general public with some interesting, informative and fun information about lakefront living.

People love the water, spring is here and the time is now to enjoy the lake/s in your area.

So remember: where Lakefront professionals Converge and Network!

Be Safe on the lake, wherever you are.

Lakefront Radio Interviews Fishing Tour Guide on Lake Lanier

The radio show is going great and yesterday we had our 2nd interview with Harold Nash, veteran fishing tour guide on Lake Lanier here in Georgia. His specialty is Striper and Bass, sports fishing. If you want the best in fishing guide services, Harold Nash is your man.

check out the interview: for more details.

Harold's website is: He has gift certificates too for the angler in your life.

Add to your favorites. We are all about lakefront living, recreation, business and real estate news.

Next friday we will be interviewing the Army Corps of will not want to miss this very educational, informative show.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lakefront Website New Direction

Welcome to Lakefront We have expanded our direction on this national directory to all Lakefront Professionals across the nation. As you know my background is as a lakefront appraiser. I developed a site to find lakefront appraisers across the nation, with affiliate membership involving lake and waterfront Realtors, builders, lenders and lake related retailers.

Based upon review of the site by many and our marketing consultant, we have decided to broaden the scope of this site to focus on all lakefront professionals. Therefore you will see a new name on our header: Lakefront Pros, rather than Lakefront Appraiser and we will be changing several of the pages to reflect this new direction.

This site will of course continue as a resource for those looking for experienced lakefront appraisers, but it will appeal to the general masses as a site that is a ONE STOP SHOP for finding all lakefront professionals.

This site dovetails perfectly into our new Lakefront Radio show
where we interview top lakefront businesses and professionals across the nation. We will start right here in Georgia with Lake Lanier, where we appraise and continue around the country with all the major lakes and water bodies.

Soon when someone Google's lakefront professional directory or certain lakes across the county in search of Realtors, appraisers, lenders, builders, retailers like boat dealers, etc. our site will come to the top, as there is nothing like it on the web. No other site focuses on the sole purpose of finding lakefront professionals in the US. There is also no other lakefront radio show in pod-cast form on the web.

We will be cross marketing both sites so that they recieve maximum exposure.

So get in on the ground floor and enjoy the benefits these 2 site will bring to YOUR business.

If you know of any lakefront professionals that wish to sponsor our radio show, we want to hear from you!

Thank you and may you all be safe on the Lake in 2008!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lakefront Radio Show Premier in Atlanta, GA

We had our first lakefront radio show Friday, April 4th, 2008. What a great show it was! We had some fantastic guests.

Please click on this link and then click on the pod cast button just to the left of the header about the show and listen in. Then save it to your favorites or sign up to have it downloaded to your MP3 or Ipod player.

We will be broadcasting 3-4 times every month about Lakefront Living, Real Estate, Appraising, Business & Recreation across the nation.

This is a hugely popular topic, as everyone loves the lake and water! This site will get the exposure everyone is looking for as we continue our show (which by the way our marketing expert in Atlanta) said was a home run for a radio show since nothing like it exists out there on the web.

So come on board and take the ride of your life with us, we plan to get media coverage on this site as well!

Be safe on the Lake and may 2008 be your best yet!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lakefront Radio Show

Tomorrow is the BIG Day! We broadcast the PREMIER lakefront radio show in Atlanta. We have fantastic guests, including Nikki Taylor with Lake Lanier Islands, Darren Matthews with JOA Marine and Ty Ginac-Lake Lanier Realtor with Ben Ray & Associates.

We will talk about their businesses and what their plans are for 2008. We will discuss the drought and what negative and positive aspects have come out of this situation for their business.

The good news is that the water has come up almost 6 feet since December, just in time for springs, so things are looking up on Lake Lanier.

Every week we will discuss Lakefront living, business, recreation and real estate across the Nation and for the next several shows we will focus on Lake Lanier. So add our radio show website to your favorites and in the next week you will be able hear the recording of our PREMIER show and pass along to all those who would be interested in the content.,