Thursday, April 24, 2008

We NEED You!

Sounds like the old Uncle Sam Slogan-we need you for the Army! Not to worry, it is just my way of asking for your business-plain and simple.

A wonderful mentor of Real Estate Broker when I was selling real estate told me: "You do not G E T unless you A S K....the words I have lived by for many years.

So here is the deal....We are getting loads of visitors to our site looking for PROS like you and loads of great comments about the looks, usefulness and ease of use of this site....but if you are not listed, they move onto to other sites to find their lakefront appraisers, Realtors, businesses, etc. When they do that....they may never find YOU!

We know people are very aware of our site, due to its high ranking on the search engines, but unless you are listed here, it does not serve them or you well.

Our advertising fees are a fraction of what the other targeted lake sites want for this kind of exposure, but we WANT your business, because a site like this provides clients with a "one stop shop" for Lakefront Professionals, which does NOT exist on the web.

Once this site gets loaded with lakefront PROS, this will be the place they will go to FIRST....WHY? Because it is quick and easy, just what people want when searching the internet.

So if you think this site is worthwhile....then contact us and we will work out ANY reasonable fee for you to be listed on this site and once you are, we go to work marketing YOUR business and LAKE.

So check it out, see what we are doing via this BLOG and our site to promote you and your business and get in touch with us.

We would love to hear your comments on the site.

Remember.....Be Safe on the Lake!

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