Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lakefront Website New Direction

Welcome to Lakefront Pros.com. We have expanded our direction on this national directory to all Lakefront Professionals across the nation. As you know my background is as a lakefront appraiser. I developed a site to find lakefront appraisers across the nation, with affiliate membership involving lake and waterfront Realtors, builders, lenders and lake related retailers.

Based upon review of the site by many and our marketing consultant, we have decided to broaden the scope of this site to focus on all lakefront professionals. Therefore you will see a new name on our header: Lakefront Pros, rather than Lakefront Appraiser and we will be changing several of the pages to reflect this new direction.

This site will of course continue as a resource for those looking for experienced lakefront appraisers, but it will appeal to the general masses as a site that is a ONE STOP SHOP for finding all lakefront professionals.

This site dovetails perfectly into our new Lakefront Radio show http://www.lakefrontradio.com/
where we interview top lakefront businesses and professionals across the nation. We will start right here in Georgia with Lake Lanier, where we appraise and continue around the country with all the major lakes and water bodies.

Soon when someone Google's lakefront professional directory or certain lakes across the county in search of Realtors, appraisers, lenders, builders, retailers like boat dealers, etc. our site will come to the top, as there is nothing like it on the web. No other site focuses on the sole purpose of finding lakefront professionals in the US. There is also no other lakefront radio show in pod-cast form on the web.

We will be cross marketing both sites so that they recieve maximum exposure.

So get in on the ground floor and enjoy the benefits these 2 site will bring to YOUR business.

If you know of any lakefront professionals that wish to sponsor our radio show, we want to hear from you! info@lakefrontradio.com

Thank you and may you all be safe on the Lake in 2008!

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