Friday, February 22, 2008

Lake Lanier Realtors - Ty & Susan Ginac

We proudly welcome Lake Lanier Realtors - Ty & Susan Ginac, with Ben Ray Associates here in Georgia.

They specialize in Lakefront Properties on Lake Lanier. If you are thinking of buying or selling lake lanier property you need an experienced professional in your corner. Do NOT make this huge investment without consulting someone who knows all the facets of lakefront property.

Since lake property is a large investment, you need to make sure that you have a realtor that knows this lake and knows it well. Too many horror stories out there, when people relied upon realtors who did not specialize in Lake Lanier and have no clue about this lake and all of its nuances.

Here is a direct link to their banner ad on our site:

So again, we welcome Ty & Sue Ginac and wish them much success in 2008 on Lake Lanier.

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