Sunday, February 24, 2008

How to Increase Your Appraisal Business? Set Yourself Apart!

Marketing or Advertising? There is a difference! differentiates itself from the appraisal directory pack! We target market you, we do not just advertise you!

"Perception is Reality. The key is to think of the old adage: “perception is reality.” Marketing focuses on that concept alone. How your clients perceive you, the profession as a whole and the function of an appraisal in the process, all dramatically affect how they deal with you. And it directly affects your profit, whether you advertise or not. That’s because marketing isn’t the same as advertising, nor is it “selling.” Marketing is the process of understanding client perceptions, and where needed, shaping them; creating a fertile field for the crop which can be harvested later by specific advertising. Marketing is long term; advertising is short term. Marketing lingers; advertising dissipates. Marketing affects behaviors. Advertising exploits existing ones. "

You have got to read this article out by Alamode. Many of us have their software in the appraisal business. If you do nothing else, take some of these tips to heart about marketing your niche! We could not have stated it better and this is what has set us apart in our own appraisal business on the lake:

Here are just a few segments that drive home exactly why we developed this site. As appraisers you MUST set yourself apart from the crowd especially in these tough times. When the going gets tough, the tough start to market!

And what better speciality to do this in than lake property as it is more referral and personal based, you command higher fees due to your expertise and complexity and people will seek you out for your expertise!

"Key to Success? Ask your Clients Start at the beginning. Does turn time really matter most to your clients? Does the fee matter as much as good communication and responsiveness? Do AVMs appeal to your clients because they’re fast and cheap or because they don’t argue or “go dark” until the appraisal is delivered? Do your clients crave constant feedback and accessibility, leading them to a management company, and if so, what will you do about it? Will you compete and differentiate by being the market’s largest player, with a staff capable of handling everything thrown at them? Or will you be a one-man shop with particular expertise in high-end properties, waterfront properties, or REOs? You won’t find the answers to these questions through contemplation. Ask your clients! If you aren’t, someone else is. And that someone is shaping the opinions and preferences of your clients already.

You can’t over-reach, either. Don’t pick ten things on which to differentiate. Pick a few, maybe even one. If you can’t describe your business and its differentiation in one easily digested sentence – almost a tagline – then it’s not of much use. If your description is too broad or too weak, it’s a waste. Focus. It’s like an army penetrating an enemy’s defenses: You mass your strength in one or two locations, penetrate the outer defenses, and then exploit it with follow-through troops. Once you determine what differentiators you’ll focus on, make sure that every aspect of your business reinforces them. Follow a simple mantra: “Do what you say and say what you do.” Live by it. It’s the essence of marketing."

Amen to all of the above....So Get Listed.....Get Noticed....Get Clients.....
so we can start to market you Today! We are with you for the long haul!

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