Thursday, February 7, 2008

Welcome to Lake Front Appraiser Blog Page

I am so very excited about this new site. It is the place where all lake experts will converge. I wanted to break from tradition and create an appraiser directory that was unique and different. Not only is it a directory it is a place where professionals who specialize in lakefront property can network with each other.

I was so tired of seeing dozens of the same type of appraiser directory, where hundreds of appraisers are listed in the same geographical area. Not so here, this one is exclusive!

There are too many disaster stories out there where lenders or homeowners, buyers or sellers have used the services of an appraiser who did not have lake experience and the results were an undervalued property in most cases. This can cause a whole boat load (pun intended) of problems for lakefront property owners.

The whole reason for developing this site was to bring together lenders, realtors, buyers, sellers and others for the purpose of finding experienced lakefront and waterfront appraisers.

This idea popped in my head at the end of December 2007 and I began the search for a web site developer. After calling and checking with many companies out there, I found that most were more interested in taking my money and then using boilerplated web site designs. I was blessed with good luck and found my webmaster who developed this fantastic looking site! You can tell by looking, that this is a custom designed site! Only the best for the best in my opinion...and the best is YOU, the Lakefront Specialist!

In March we plan to advertise this web site to thousands of appraisers nationwide. The site is already being advertised on . Soon it will be seen on

I am very serious about bringing together all lake specialists, so that they can find each other, network and benefit from using each others service.

Check back often for updates on the site and how we intend to make this so much more than an appraiser directory. Members will be able to add to this blog, so join us today and become a part of a national web site where lakefront experts converge!

Thanks for visiting our blog! Please let us know what you think of our site...All comments are welcome as well as any lake stories you care to dicuss.

We want to hear from you if you feel you will benefit from using this site.

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