Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Recession Proof your Appraisal Business

After spending many hours surfing the top appraisal forums on the web, there is one thing which is quite clear, in this rocky market, many appraisers are looking for ways to increase business. Most appraisers will agree referal and personal business is the absolute best because there are no lender pressures and the client already has a good opinion of you, due to the referral or because their research convinced them you are the right person for the job.

Appraisers would also love a scenario where there is less appraiser competition in their given geographical area, they also want the respect that has been so lacking with this profession and they want to be compensated appropriately for the service they provide. Their liabilty for each and every assignment is considerable and the payment appraisers receive for their work is truly not reflective of the end product. Many appraisers have to work with appraisal managment companies who further discount their fees, making it more frustrating for many appraisers.

If you are an appraiser who specializes in lakefront property and you want to take advantage of this niche market, visit this web site and see how you can increase your business in 2008

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