Friday, August 20, 2010

Lake Experts you Need to Advertise your Speciality!

If you are not advertising your Waterfront or Lakefront Specialty here, then you are losing BIG money! Capitalize on your Waterfront or Lakefront Speciality.

You have to spend money to make money and not having an advertising plan is just plain bad business.

Our Lake Lanier business, represents roughly 20% of our total appraisal business income. We have become known as the experts on Lake Lanier and it was not by accident.

We were even interviewed by THE WEATHER CHANNEL when we went through the drought and again when the water rose, to discuss its affect on Lake Lanier Home Values.

By putting ourselves out there as Lake experts in various forms of advertising, we have risen to number 1 in Google Searches for Lake Lanier Appraiser.

You can have this same success and it starts with advertising your lake or waterfront expertise on a National Lakefront Pros website. The only one of its kind on the web! check it out today, you get great exposure on a fine, professionally developed site that allows you to shine and to corner the market in your given area.

You will not be thrown in the site with hundreds of others in your market.

If you have any kind of business involving any Lake in the USA, you need to check our Lakefront website today.

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Mary ThompsonFounder of Lakefront Pros Website.

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