Thursday, June 12, 2008

National Photo Contest

Lakefront Pros is thinking about having a National Photo Contest.

Who can take the most awesome Lakefront photo across the USA.Some of the basic rules we are considering:

1. Must be a an individual or company that does business around any lake in the USA

2. Cannot be a professional photographer

3. Must be a current photo, so the photo would have to have to be date stamped4. Must be a digital photo.

4. Photo to be downloaded in JPG format, no Gifs or animations, etc.

5. No aerial photos.

That is about it. We want your input! What do you think and what would you like to see out of this contest.

Yes, there will be some sort of reward for 1st thru 3rd place. We will also post the photos, who took them and their website on our site and give you all the accolades you deserve!

We think this will be fun with summer in full swing, the photos I am sure will be AWESOME. So let us know what you think, just contact us via our contact page and enter YES if you like the idea and would participate or NO if you do not like the idea.

Any other rules you think should be applied, just let us know

We want to start this contest before the 4th of July. Thanks for your time! Be safe on YOUR Lake!

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