Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lakefront Radio Kicks it up a Notch-More exposure for Lakefront Pros!

If you are landing on this BLOG page, Congrats to you! As you may or may not know, Lakefront Pros founders also Host a Lakefront Radio Show out of Atlanta, GA, which is getting great exposure and reviews. What does this mean for THIS SITE and YOU? We are cross advertising Lakefront Pros on our radio show and many are stopping by this site because of the show.

So I wanted to let you know what our line up is in JUNE because you need to consider being in front of this huge audience as a direct result of our radio show.

June 6th, we are interviewing the CEO, Felix Lin of a national luxury vacation rental company.

June 13th we are interviewing "The Boat Guy"-Keith Ammons with

June 20th we are interviewing John Brian Losh, founder of, where multi million dollar homes are listed and sold! This site has 150,000 unique visitors per month and 35 million hits per month.

June 27th: we are talking with Navy Pier in Chicago, Il for an interview on this date.

All of these guests will be adding our interviews with them on their own sites, thereby linking back to our radio show site.

Since Lakefront Pros is showcased and linked to our radio show site, this site will be seen by potentially MILLIONS of people across the country!

Plus LAKEFRONT PROS will be sponsoring these big shows, so our website and description will be announced during these shows....This relates to even more exposure for YOU on this site.....but only if you are listed as a Lakefront Pro!

So get listed, GET NOTICED and get clients Today! There is no better way to assure that people will find you and just think, you may get the opportunity to List, Appraise, Furnish or otherwise sell your product to multi million dollar buyers across the Nation!

Have a great and safe Memorial Day Weekend. God Bless Those who gave their lives for our Freedom! We Support our Troops!

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